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As Americans we have control of what we buy, who makes it, how it is made and if it is helping or hurting American workers. It is time for Americans to support each other more and in the process help restore America's economy.

Michael Blichasz

Our Mission

In an effort to unite America's consumers and businesses, and increase employment opportunities in the U.S.A., is expanding its efforts. Over the years, America has lost millions of jobs to outsourcing and it's time for that to change. As America's consumers, we have to make change happen by stimulating America's manufacturing industries through our purchasing power. The goal of American Workers Radio is to have an equal amount of American made products featured side-by-side with foreign competitors in stores across the U.S.A.

American Workers Radio will outreach to listeners and welcome ideas on ways to secure more jobs for American workers. We will urge people to support one another so we can make a long-term positive difference for private sector businesses manufacturing in America. At this time, Americans no longer produce enough products to satisfy the day-to-day needs of the American people. Americans now rely on foreign products to fill the void. Relying on imports has distressed America's economy and led to growing unemployment for American workers which must be reversed.

American Workers Radio will urge listeners to purchase the products made by industries located in the U.S.A. so that more people can be employed from the production of the products to the point of sale.

Supporters of American Workers Radio know that it is not government's role is to create jobs, but it is government's role to encourage private sector businesses to create jobs that will employ the American people and in the process generate revenue to maintain local, state and federal government services.

Add to your favorites, email us your suggestions and spread the word because American Workers Need You to support the Buy American Made Campaign.

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